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Genexus, created and owned by Artech, is software that helps you create software. No team or project is too small or too large to benefit from this product. With GX-Server your team can work on a project locally or remotely. If you are an individual developer, you will have the power and skills to create apps for any major platform shown below. Genexus is the only development tool required for success. This unique development tool uses declarative language so you don’t have to know multiple languages and use endless tools to complete a project, thus allowing you to do more with less.

GeneXus offers a unique methodology to creating software. GeneXus is a strategic partner with major platforms and software vendors which include Amazon, Blackberry, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle and Redhat. These partnerships keep GeneXus on the cutting edge, future waves, and shifts in technology. With the methodology used by GeneXus your code is "Future Proofed" and can easily migrate to future technology when they arrive.
WHITE PAPER:Future Proofing Your Organization by Ken Orr.

At GX Pros, we have taken GeneXus built applications that were originally generated with GeneXus C-Sharp generator and switched to the Java generator. We were able to let GeneXus rebuild the application without changing any code. This saved our client and us both a lot of time and resources. The project was completed quickly and the cost was minimal versus the old way of starting from the beginning. We were able to leverage an open platform to avoid the expensive license fees for our products. This is especially helpful for new startups and small organizations.

A must read article - MICROSOFT:"Artech is one of our most valued allies"

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Android & iOS

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IMB Bluemix, SAP Hana Cloud Platofrm, Windows Azure

IBM, Linux, UNIX, Windows

Any Browser, every platform


Java for Android, Swift for iOS

Java, .Net

HTML 5, CSS3, & Javascript

iSeries Legacy Languages


IBM DB2, DB2 Universal Database, DB2 UDB for iSeries, Informix

Oracle, MySQL

PostgreSQL, SQLite

SQL Server

Featured Work


Enterprise Automated Support Environment ERP web application

Hicks Smoked Meats

Responsive website & shopping cart integrated with Paypal


Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association


Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association

Murphy Fair Publications

Annual Publication of High School Football

Renewal Resources
(From DOS to Web)

Future Proofed custom business app from MS-DOS to Web with GeneXus


A cutting edge chronic care management service.


A DCAA compliant system for government contracting.

Mann's Wrecker Service

Responsive website with call integration on mobile phones.

What we offer

App Development

We have resources to handle your development needs for both web and mobile applications.


Expedite your pace to becoming proficient with GeneXus. Come to us or we will come to you.


We have resources that have used GeneXus since 1991 and have never needed another product.


Reduce your expenses by allowing us to handle your servers, backups, and more.


Allow us assist you with your GeneXus project.

Backup Support

Outsource your project to us or allow us to assist during an absense of a team member.

Why Choose GeneXus

GeneXus enables companies and software developers to create great applications that are future proof. This means your applications can easily adapt to evolving technologies. GeneXus is a natural agile development tool and allows applications to be built without worry of the technological aspects.

Adapt To Evolving Technology

Generate Applications Automatically

Version Management And Knowledge Integration

Build Cross-Platofrm Mobile Solutions

Native Mobile Applications With Stunning Designs

Easily Build Mobile Applications With Offline Mobility

Live Editing And Preview

Complementary Applications For SAP ERP Systems


Companies Worldwide






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  • Support for Team Development.

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If you need assistance in transitioning from your current development tools or assistance with projects, we can help.

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